German tunnelling technology with individual service

You are looking for a partner who supplies you with the best technology and also constantly supports you during planning and execution of your projects, then mts Perforator is the right choice. No matter where your project is located and what its specifications are, mts Perforator finds a suitable solution.
At mts Perforator, you benefit from our reliable and innovative technology that has been aproved in over 300 projects worldwide.

Microtunnelling Series


We provide microtunnelling technology for trenchless installation of supply and disposal tunnels by pipe jacking method, ranging from ID 200mm to ID 3000mm.

TBM Series


Our fullface segment lining machines cover diameters from ID 2400 (80") up to ID 3000 (160"). Our TBMs are available as Slurry, EPB and Hard Rock shields.

Thrust boring technique

tl_files/Inhalte/Bilder/product/Horizontal Directional Drilling/thrust boring technology-PBA150-01.JPG

We provide thrust boring technique for different applications (thrust boring machines, pipe steering systems, pipe bursting units, vertical earth auger).